Digging Beneath The Stirring Reveals Strange Artifacts

Construction workers digging beneath the southwest corner of The Stirring has uncovered curious objects dating back to the late twentieth century, among them cassette tapes, compact discs, and Bibles in physical form.  Historian and local curmudgeon Terrence McAnders explains: "Okay, fine, but I'm only gonna say this once.  There was a time before iPads and iPhones when people would print their Bibles on paper and carry them into church with them."  When asked how these Bibles are powered and what the screen resolution of the paper was, McAnders asked us to leave.

A simple answer for the paper Bibles?  Perhaps, but these curious compact discs were unusual, and the strange cassettes that only appeared to have a single song on them were stranger still.  We needed answers, and Redding Jefferson will stop at nothing to unearth the truth.  A reporter for Redding Jefferson stormed into the mayor's office demanding answers to this unusual find, and what we learned shocked us: "The Stirring used to be a Bible book store.  Now get out!"  Pounding the table and demanding to know the truth, Redding Jefferson held its ground, vowing to stop at nothing to bring the truth to the people.  City Hall revoked our press pass, at which point our representative was escorted out of the building.

Suppression of the truth?  We think so.