Living Tree Power Poles Out of Work, Angry

Drive west on Highway 44 and you'll see living trees holding up power lines.  At least, you used to.  Caltrans and PG&E has been slowly replacing them with lifeless, dead power poles, and the trees aren't happy about it.  "We've been holding up these power lines for years," shouted one tree at the rally, "and now they're trying to replace us with cheap foreign lumber!  It's not right!"

"We haven't been holding up these power lines for decades just to be outsourced at the drop of a hat," hollered another.  "We're constant, evergreen.  Look at those poles, they don't even have leaves!  No life!  They're just so...wooden."  Meanwhile, a representative from Caltrans told Redding Jefferson not to concern ourselves about them.  "Their bark is worse than their bite.  I'm not worried."

"Listen, we're not without compassion," one tree said with a sigh.  "We understand the need for progress, it's just: we've put roots in this area.  We're old growth.  And we don't like seeing our way of life being cut down.  What's next?  Metal power lines?  I mean, that's not a thing is it?"

Redding Jefferson declined to respond.