Victorian Home Owner: "My Home Isn't Haunted!"

Frustrated by her friends and family who refuse to visit her, Red Bluff Victorian homeowner Marion Von Baum wants the world to know her home isn't haunted.  "I promise," she told Redding Jefferson, "if you visit my home you will not be hounded by the spirits from the great beyond, regardless how it may seem from the outside."

Nervously looking around, Redding Jefferson reporter Chip Smiley noted the flickering lights and lingering scent of death.  "Just bad wiring and a rat problem," Marion replied shaking her head.  "Listen, I don't need you spreadin' any lies about my home.  I'm trying to get the word out.  Come, visit me.  Bring your kids.  It's quite safe.  I promise."  Pausing to choose his words carefully, Chip was unable to respond before Marion added, "Would you like some ribbon candy?"

If anyone knows the whereabouts of reporter Chip Smiley, please contact Redding Jefferson immediately.