Reno’s Weather Delivered to Wrong City

It’s a merry mixup at the Weather Delivery Service: Reno’s weather was sent to Redding by mistake. “We think it was a fax flub,” a representative with WDS told Redding Jefferson. “Yes, we still use fax. Two cities start with R and E…this kind of thing happens from time to time.”

“This is yet another mistake in a long series of embarrassing mistakes by WDS,” says a representative of NoWDS, an anti Weather Delivery Service started by Service for Weather Delivery founder and local curmudgeon Terrence McCanders. “Long time residents may remember the decade-long drought that was meant for Southern California, and the flooding that followed, now snow!? It’s time for new weather delivery. It’s time for a Service for Weather Delivery.”

”Phooey, we’ll always deliver the weather,” the representative responded. “We’ll just send it to the wrong place from time to time.”

In the meantime, stay safe, stay warm, and stay off the streets unless you have to leave. Find something else to occupy your time at home. November is a great month to have babies…