Trial Begins for Santa Claus Who Believes He is an Actor

Local actor David Cutler will be playing Kris Kringle in an upcoming production of Miracle on 34th Street at Redding’s Riverfront Playhouse, and the man looks good for the part.  Perhaps a little too good, according to one local district attorney.  “The truth is no man can both look and act just like Santa Claus without also BEING Santa Claus,” the DA told Redding Jefferson.  “He’s Santa Claus.  He’s clearly Santa Claus, and he’s crazy if he thinks he isn’t.”

And “crazy” he meant.  Cutler was admitted into the Shasta County Sanitarium last week on the grounds that he believes the ridiculous notion that he is merely an actor hired to play jolly Saint Nick.  Despite having a button nose, a white beard, rosy cheeks, and a soulful laugh that could brighten anyone’s day, he maintains he is simply David Cutler.  “I’m just an actor,” he told us in a straight jacket once the lithium wore off.  “Please, let me out of here, there isn’t much time; they’re warming up the electrodes!  I’m just an actor!”

“He’s clearly out of his mind.”  Sanitarium orderly and local curmudgeon Terrence McCanders sat down with Redding Jefferson on his front porch.  “Just look at him: he’s Santa.  Everyone but him can see it.  If it takes a trial to prove it, so be it.  We’ll put Santa Claus on trial.”

While this courtroom drama plays out, feel free to see Santa Claus himself (also known as David Cutler) lead an all-star cast at Riverfront Playhouse.  The show will be running from November 16th through December 15th.  For more information, check out Riverfront Playhouse.