80s Pop Stars Fall Victim to Redding Exit

Capping off their late 80s hit “Rad Ray” The Copycats waited for the sound of cheering within The Civic, but were met with silence. Confused front-runner Jupiter’s Ring hollered, “Who wants one more?”  When silence met his request he asked for the house lights and learned the truth: The Civic was empty, and had been for several songs. Jupiter’s Ring and The Copycats became the latest victims of The Redding Exit. 

Local resident Miles Harper tells Redding Jefferson he left at what he thought was the penultimate song. “It’s just such a bottleneck, getting out of the parking lot. I don’t mind missing the encore if it means getting home before midnight, you know?” His next door neighbor agrees. “I always leave at intermission. I still don’t know how Avenue Q ends. Did Kate and Princeton get back together?”

A representative from the mayor’s office told Redding Jefferson they arranged a townhall meeting at City Hall to brainstorm solutions to The Redding Exit but the council chambers were empty by the end of The Pledge of Allegiance. “I wanted to ask the Mayor the best way to resolve this, but he was already halfway to his car.”

It’s a problem without a solution...or is it?  Local curmudgeon Terrence McAnders has this advice: “Go to the box office, buy your ticket, and go home. You’re leaving as everyone’s arriving and you get to enjoy an evening at home away from all the noise and people. You’re welcome, Redding.”